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Woman smiling in a dental chairAt Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS we specialize in a wide variety of procedures designed to maintain or improve your periodontal tissues. The periodontal (gum) tissues are an important part of your oral health. Our experience and expertise in periodontics allows us to provide high-quality treatments you cannot find anywhere else!

Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery, more often referred to as pocket reduction surgery, is a procedure we perform to rid the gum pockets of bacteria. When a patient suffers from continuing or chronic gum disease, the pockets deepen, allowing more bacteria a place to enter and hide. As the bacteria thrives in these pockets, they work to wear away at your gums and bone. Patients who choose to ignore these problems, or go untreated, are only continuing to allow the pockets to get deeper and more destructive until your tooth, and often bone, needs to be removed. Seeking dental care of a periodontist such as our team at can make a huge difference in your oral health.
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Periodontal Disease

Much like tooth decay, periodontal disease is caused by the harmful bacteria found in plaque, the sticky biofilm on our teeth. When plaque is allowed to build up, our immune system produces toxins to combat bacteria. Unfortunately, these toxins also target healthy tissues, causing the infection we refer to as periodontal disease.
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Periodontal Maintenance

Preventing periodontal disease is our number one priority. As a part of your periodontal maintenance, we may recommend frequent professional cleanings. During your cleaning, our dental hygienist will use an ultrasonic scaler to eliminate plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria.
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Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing)

If we diagnosis you with periodontal disease, you may need a deep cleaning. Also known as a scaling and root planing, this procedure is designed to eliminate large deposits of plaque and tartar. After your deep cleaning, your gums should return to a healthy, pink state.
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At Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS we specialize in a variety of procedures designed to improve your periodontal tissues. Contact our dentist in Beverly, MA about it!
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