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All on 4® Treatment Concept
Beverly, MA

Diagram of All-on-4 Treatment ConceptDental implants are a popular restorative measure that can substantially improve your quality of life. There are several different installation techniques that may be used to install dental implants. One treatment concept used by our team at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS is the All-on-4® Treatment Concept. By using this method, our professionals can provide you with a functional, natural-looking set of dental implants.

All-on-4 was developed to overcome certain drawbacks of traditional dental implants and make this treatment more accessible to you. We are constantly looking for ways to better help our patients, and the All-on-4 concept is one way that we accomplish this goal.

How Does It Work?

Unlike traditional dental implants that require a titanium post to be installed for every tooth being replaced, the All-on-4 concept only requires the use of 4 posts. Our team will install one post in each quadrant of your mouth. The dental implants are created in four groups and one is affixed to each of these posts. The titanium posts utilized in All-on-4 are larger than the posts used for traditional implants because each post is supporting more weight. Once the implants or implant-supported dentures are affixed to these posts, they will function like normal teeth.

Before our team can complete this procedure, they first have to ensure your teeth, jawbone, and gums are healthy enough to receive the implants. They do this by completing a thorough oral exam and completing digital imaging procedures. The digital imaging allows our team to gauge the health of your jawbone and determine if it is dense enough for the titanium posts.

If your jawbone is not strong enough, our professionals will likely recommend a bone graft. During a graft, our team attaches bone fragments to your existing jawbone to strengthen it. After this grafted material has fused with your jawbone, they can then proceed with the procedure. The first procedure involves the installation of the posts and you may have to return for a second procedure after your gums have healed so that the implants can be attached.

What Are the Benefits?

The All-on-4® Treatment Concept offers many benefits to you. It places significantly less strain on your jawbone and soft tissue because our team is only installing four implants. This reduced strain improves your healing time and also makes a bone graft less likely. Implants installed using this concept also have a higher success rate.

In addition, implants installed using this treatment concept will last for many years. The titanium posts will last for the rest of your life. According to Healthline, the implants will last for ten years or more. The life of your implants is dependent on you receiving regular oral exams and professional cleanings and avoiding potentially damaging foods such as hard candy.

Our professionals can determine if you are a candidate during a consultation and oral exam. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of the All-on-4® Treatment Concept and find out if you are a candidate, it is time to come see our team at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS. You can schedule your appointment by calling our office at (978) 720-9009 today.
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All-on-4 was developed to overcome certain drawbacks of traditional dental implants and make this treatment more accessible. Learn more about how our dentist in Beverly, MA can help today!
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